Adventure trips Munich – a few things you might want to know

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Where ist he meeting point / take off for the tours?

  • Near the city centre, click here for a map

How can I book an Adventure?

  • Find the Booking calendar in the Menu: “BOOKING” or click here
  • All bookable tours appear in the booking calendar. You can book online and pay by credit card or pay pal

How fit do I have to be, and what do I have to bring to participate in the tours?

  • The personal requirements and what you need is contained in the description of the relevant tour.

Are the adventure trips from Munich suitable for children?

  • Yes most of the tours are suitable for children; they can participate with someone accompanying them. Check the bottom lines of the tour descriptions for the age a relevant tour is suitable for.

Am I obliged to stay with the group and the leader during the tour?
-    No, each one can move freely at the various stop-offs, but should not wander too far from the group so that we don’t lose each other.

What langueages are spoken on the tours?

- Your Guide and driver is fluent in English and German.

Are the tour times of the adventure trips from Munich reliable?

-  Generally, the scheduled times are reliable. However, due to traffic conditions, minor delays cannot be ruled out.

How many people are on the regular tours?

  • Tours are operated with a new Minivan for a Maximum of 8 People

How about bigger groups on an adventure trip from Munich?

  • Contact us by phone or E- mail. We organize private tours, corporate events and festivities. Click here for more Information: private tours , company events, celebrations

How should I cancel a tour?

- Cancel by phone or by Email. Make sure to cancel in time for full reimbursement. Check the time rates for refund in our Terms and Conditions, at nr. 3.4 or just click here

Do the regular tours take place on a rainy day?

  • Yes, we always guarantee an exciting day trip. Click here for more Information on our guarantee for a weather alternative

Can I book an adventure trips from Munich without the weather alternative?

According to sudden weather changes in the mountain area a bad weather alternative is always included when booking a tour. Short notice cancellation because of bad weather is not possible. Check the Terms and conditions nr. 8.2 for more information

How can I avoid the bad weather alternative once I have booked?

  • Google the Weather forecast (in the area of “Tegernsee”) 2 days before the tour and decide for yourself whether you want to participate. At this time you can still cancel for full reimbursement.

When do I find out if a tour is taking place according to plan or a weather alternative takes place?

  • Because of abrupt weather changes in the Alp region we can only decide once we´ve reached the mountain area weather it is necessary to undertake an weather alternative.

I have a reservation but am unable to take part. Can another person participate on my behalf?
-    Yes, the tours are transferable. It is simply a matter of adjusting the relevant participant details prior to the beginning of a tour.

Can pets be taken on the adventure trips from Munich?

  • No, unfortunately you can’t take any animals on the tours


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