Munich Adventure Tours - Fun activities and cultural insights!

Munich Adventure Tours owes its existence to a keen enthusiasm for the alpine countryside, the various possibilities for activities that can be experienced on Munich’s doorstep and the fascination for rural life in the mountain area in former times.

Bavarian culture is based on folklore, ancient customs and old traditions and while travelling out there this culture is omnipresent and manifests itself on every corner. The connectivity, but also the controversy between the now and the past can be fascinating. 
Sharing this passion and knowledge plays a big role on all Munich Adventure Tours.

It is our intention to combine fun activities with culture and history whilst exploring and enjoying the great features of the alpine foothills, on the various Munich Adventure Tours. Wouldn't it be a bit sad, to travel through a region full of history, customs and tradition without getting to know about the highlights?
Flexibility, a great dose of humour and lots of fun is complementary on each Munich Adventure Tour. A great day for you is a successful day for us!

Join us for your personal adventure with cultural highlights and all kinds of fun activities on and around the Mountains!


Patrick & Team