Out and about in bad weather? ... the mountain is calling!

The weather in the Alpine foothills can change abruptly, so sometimes we have to alter or adapt the tour itinerary. In case we have to change our destination due to rain or thunderstorms, we will send you an e-mail the night before with the new info. So please check your mail after 7 pm the night before your tour. But don't worry, you will enjoy the alternative tour just as much!

Very rarely do we have to cancel our tours. Only if heavy rains are forecast for the whole day or if the risk of thunderstorms is too high at all our destinations. In that case, we will also let you know by mail.

Off the beaten track in Bavaria, your best option for a rainy day!

On a rainy day, the city appears in many shades of grey, and the best things to do reduce to a very few. In Munich, the close mountain area offers the great opportunity to explore the colorful Alpine foothills, even on a rainy day. While the city turns into a melancholic tragedy, the mountain region flourishes through the colors of customs and traditions. Whether it’s the rich decorated houses, the traditional costumes of the locals or the significant shapes of craftsmanship on every corner, there is a lot to do and see. Leave Munich city behind and join us on a great day trip off the beaten track.

The various establishments and the infrastructure on and around the mountains offer a wide range of interesting tour destinations, off the beaten track in Bavaria, even if the weather is not great. The well known German craftsmanship represents itself on almost every corner of the rural area, historic village built up to museums allow great insights into life hundreds of years ago. Also viewing in active workshops can be done while talking to the locals about their trade. On a cable car ride up above the clouds you can dodge the clouds and follow the sun approx. 1600m above sea level. Fun and action are guaranteed with some rides on the several Alpine rollercoasters that run with rain protective shields. Bavarian food specialties can be sampled in the various cheese dairies and at special farmhouses that offer homegrown and homemade food. The several mountain huts and traditional Bavarian food venues are always inviting for a comfortable stop off the beaten track in Bavaria. No matter how bad the weather is your flexible guide and driver is always happy to tell you stories and background information or translate a chat with the locals. If the city lets you down on a rainy day, we will always do the best to provide an adventurous day trip off the beaten track in Bavaria. Experience the best "bad weather" you ever had!