This tour is available from November - March!


  • When: Sundays
  • Where: Meetingpoint
  • Price:  85 €
  • Start:  9am
  • Ends:  6pm


  • Extra drinks
  • Lunch



  • Guided Tour
  • Visit cheese dairy
  • Tasting at local butcher
  • Lunchtime at Mountain hut
  • Food tastings
  • Beer-tasting
  • Customs & tradition
  • Suitable for Vegetarians

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Great Bavarian food specialties in the Alpine foothills

Taste various Bavarian food specialties at panoramic venues on a personalized tour with a small group. Your flexible guide and driver is happy to provide information on Bavarian habits and of course processing of Bavarian food specialties. Embark into the Alps within one hour drive and enjoy the scenery on the way to your first stop at a renowned cheese dairy. Learn about the processing of cheese, have a look inside the facilities and taste their delicious cheese variations. The tour goes on to a remote mountain hut where a special bavarian meat dish is served in a laid back Bavrian lifestyle. Enjoy the Atmosphere and maybe talk to the locals, but definitely find out what makes Bavarian food so special. As beer is concerned to be one of the basic foods in everyday nutrition in Bavaria, this tour goes on for a brewery that serves finest Bavarian beer specialties. Here you can choose between a unique beer dessert and a tasting of three different beers. Learn a bout the brewing and how beer influences the traditions in Bavaria. This tour combines great Bavarian food specialties, Mountain views and cultural background information on the area. Book your beer adventure here in the BOOKING CALENDAR!

Bavarian food specialities - Explore the variety

Start this Bavarian food experience in Munich's backyard with a small group of maximum 8 People. A short drive will take you into a cultural landscape away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Learn about Bavarian food specialties as you are driving thru the countryside and little villages. Your flexible guide and driver is happy to provide information on customs and food tradition in Bavaria. After 1hr drive from Munich you'll arrive at a renowned cheese dairy famous for their Bavarian food specialties. Learn about how cheese is made at a very high standard using only the best ingredients from the region of upper Bavaria. You will be shown around the dairy and introduced to the way they work here together with the farmers in the area. Taste a variety of delicious cheese at the dairy restaurant and find out about how the farmers provide the best milk for their remarkable cheese.
Driving over to the next stop nearby you'll visit a remote mountain hut where Bavarian food specialties are served. High quality meat dishes with only the finest meat from the local butcher are served at this venue. Enjoy the laid back Bavarian lifestyle while tasting a unique Bavarian meat dish. Vegetarians will be just as satisfied with the Bavarian vegetarian alternative. Get comfortable and find out about food processing in former times and the simple but genuine dishes that developed in the Alpine countryside.
In Bavaria beer is concerned as one of the basic foods all other Bavarian food specialties. The various breweries in the area create great beers, but there is one small traditional brewery that you should not miss out on a journey through the Alpine foothills. A very nice drive will take you to a historical village that played a major role in Munich's beer history. Get an introduction on beer brewing in Bavaria and choose between a sweet food specialty or a beer tasting. The beer tasting consists of three different beers, each one unique and very tasty. For those who prefer a sweet dish in the afternoon - you will taste a unique beer dessert that can only be found at this venue. No matter for what Bavarian specialty you decide on this last stop, you will get to know about how beer always influences Bavarian customs and traditions. Explore Bavarian food specialties and authentic features within Munich's close mountain area. Drive less and experience more. Check availabilities in the BOOKINGCALENDAR here!

  • *Vegetarian alternative possible
  • Dogs or other pets cant be taken on the tour
  • Indoor-Event, the tour is independent of wheather conditions
  • Not suitable for small children minimum age 16