This tour is available from October to March!

Tour information

  • Start:  9am
  • Ends:  6pm


  • Extra drinks
  • Lunch


  • Guided Tour
  • 3 beer tastings
  • Visit monastery brewery
  • Lunchtime at brewery inn
  • Brewery museum
  • Beer history
  • Customs & tradition

Beer tasting tours in Munich can't compete with this rural Beer venture!

Explore the pristine landscape of rural Bavaria on this hassle free tour with a group of maximum 8 people. In less than an hour you will arrive at a special venue on a little hill facing the Alps with an on-site brewery. Prepare for your first beer tasting in Munich's backyard and enjoy the laid back Bavarian lifestyle at the authentic inn. The tour goes on further into the Alpine foothills, to the grand monastery of the lake “Tegernsee”. Soak up the Alpine atmosphere at the promenade and have a look into the impressive church. Learn about the history of this place and prepare for your second beer tasting of one of Munich's most famous beers. Move on to a pristine village and find out everything about the beer brewing process at a traditional family-owned brewery. After all the talk about beer and looking at the brewery facilities, there will be a final beer tasting of three distinctive beers before we go back to Munich. Even if you are not a beer enthusiast, this tour gives you a great impression on customs and tradition in upper Bavaria. Hop on, explore and enjoy! For current options and dates, please check out


How to do Beer tastings in Munich's mountain area!

Grab a beer and start your beer tasting adventure from Munich to the close mountain area with a group of max. eight people. Your guide is happy to tell you about traditions in Bavaria and how they are influenced by beer. In Bavaria, beer is considered one of the basic foods in everyday nutrition and in the rural area you can find many breweries with distinctive beers. Learn facts about the beer rituals in Bavaria and get to know the customs that go with the production and consumption of beer. We'll take you to an ancient 16th century monastery facing the Alps. This monastery has a little brewery attached and the comfortable, traditional rooms of the Brewery-Inn are inviting for the first beer tasting on this tour. Taste three unique Bavarian beers in an authentic atmosphere and learn about the influence of monasteries in the area of upper Bavaria. The tour goes on to Lake Tegernsee, one of the biggest lakes in Bavaria. Stroll around the promenade of the lake, have a look into the impressive church and enjoy great views over neighboring peaks. Find out why the beer from the brewery at Lake Tegernsee is famous all over Munich while the beer tasting is taking place at the traditional brewery restaurant. After our second beer tasting you can have your private time out for lunch (own expense) or stay seated at the group table. The tour then continues on a nice drive to a historical village that played a major role in Munich's beer history. The various breweries in the area create great beers but we'll be doing some more beer tasting at one small traditional brewery that you should not miss out on a journey through the rural area of Munich. Have a look at the brewing tanks and learn about the beer brewing process before the beer tasting takes place. Taste three different kind of handcrafted, distinctive beers at this special venue while we are talking about the purity law of beer in Bavaria. If you are not a beer lover, swap this tasting tour from Munich into you personalized culinary tasting trip. Sample Bavarian food specialties instead of beer, as all desires on this tour are absolutely flexible. Enjoy a great day in the Alpine foothills and explore customs and tradition! Hop on and enjoy! For current options and dates, please check out